Astronomy Magazines

For astronomy buffs, there is seemingly no end to the amount of media and information devoted to the hobby. This is understandable, considering that astronomy is not only one of the oldest sciences in history, but also one of the most fascinating. There is little wonder, then, why so many people are drawn to such an exciting field. There are outlets available for both the novice and the expert, and they range from clubs and classes to astronomy websites and astronomy magazines.

Astronomy magazines are a perfect start for somebody who is new to the "world" of astronomy, and is also a great continuing source of information and content for even the most educated of astronomy buffs. There are many astronomy magazines available on the market these days, and all share a dedication and mutual love for the field of astronomy. Perhaps the most notable of the astronomy magazines is, in fact, "Astronomy Magazine". This publication has earned widespread acclaim as one of the premier magazines devoted to astronomy. In addition to a longstanding reputation as being the most popular magazine of its kind, Astronomy Magazine has also reinvented itself cleverly with a backing website that is just as informative, in-depth, and fascinating as the magazine itself. At this website,, you'll find updates of a more recent nature that aren't able to be put into a magazine that ships at certain times of the month. There is a wealth of information to be learned from this website, just as there is to obtain from the publication.

Sky and Telescope is another one of the astronomy magazines that has garnered worldwide acclaim for its brilliant coverage of astronomy. Like Astronomy Magazine, Star and Telescope has used the internet to breathe new life into an aged format. With the interactive sky charts, primers, and virtual tours, offers facts that even the most informed astronomers will stare agape at.

There are myriad books, television programs, documentaries, and websites devoted to astronomy. Astronomy magazines are just another form of media for those who are entranced by the stars. If you are truly interested in the vast, magical world of astronomy, use all the resources at your disposal to broaden your knowledge of this fascinating field of science. Try using your internet search browser and simply type in "astronomy". You'll find worlds upon worlds of information from which to glean. Even a slightly greater knowledge of the night sky will lead you to fantastic discoveries the likes of which you never imagined were possible.