North Star Astronomy

The amount of stars in our universe literally amount to infinity. Even the amount that is visible through a telescope is far too large to even be counted. Fortunately, there is much to see in the night sky even without the aid of a telescope. Beautiful celestial bodies from constellations to planets are there for you to behold each night. All you must do is look skyward.

One of the easiest stars to locate in the sky is Polaris. This is the North Star astronomy experts refer to when talking about the star that is used to find north. This is where Polaris gets its name. It is always above the North Pole and, because of this; travelers have used it since the beginning of time as a compass to help them find their way. When it comes to the North Star astronomy experts stress its importance throughout history as a unifying body of light that has enraptured humans because of both its beauty and its wonder. Because of the North Star astronomy has continued on in the minds of people who know little more about the subject.

Ursa Major is probably the most famous constellation in the sky. You may know it by its moniker, the Big Dipper. In truth, the Big Dipper only makes up a part of what the Greeks referred to as Ursa Major. This name translates into "the Great Bear", and using the dipper as a head and neck, one can surely see the rest of the bear fairly easily. The reason this constellation is so famous is because it is visible nearly throughout the year, no matter the hemisphere one lives in. It is also extremely easy to find. Just look for a giant spoon in the sky. Incidentally, included among the stars in the Big Dipper is the very same North Star astronomy fans are so fond of.

Perhaps the most famous and most visible planet is Venus. This beautiful, yellowish, cloudy body is constantly showing itself in the sky. Many cultures, including the Egyptians and the Mayans, worshiped this planet as one of their gods. When you look at Venus through a telescope, you can surely see why people might be filled with awe. It is an absolutely gorgeous planet that has earned its place among the most cherished celestial bodies in the night sky.

There are many other wonderful and exciting things to see in the night sky. Most of these objects have back stories and legends attached to them that are often as exciting and wondrous as the bodies themselves. One needs only to take a look outside at night to see just how glorious a gift we have been given.