Backgammon Boards

For the uninformed, the game of backgammon is one of the most highly revered and respected games ever. Part of the reason has to do with how ancient the game is, but an infinitely larger part simply has to do with just how fun and exciting the game can be. Like chess and checkers, backgammon has gained its rightful place in the lexicon of games that have played a part in human history. Anybody interested in the game should certainly go out to the store and choose from one of the many beautiful, ornately decorated backgammon boards.

Finding backgammon boards isn't difficult. All of the mass-market retail stores (these stores mostly begin with the word "super") sell backgammon boards, generally in the toy aisle. Make no mistake, though; backgammon is not "child's play". Backgammon is an intense experience, a war of the minds, pitting two opponents in a fight to supremacy. At any rate, backgammon boards carry a rather wide range in prices. One can find backgammon boards that cost from twenty to thirty dollars and these are certainly fine and suitable for any game of backgammon. For the more discerning backgammon aficionados, or for anybody with expensive tastes, there are backgammon boards that exceed two and three hundred dollars in some instances. These backgammon boards are made with finer materials which, to some, make them more appealing. The boards are typically bound in fine leathers and the checkers and dice are generally ornately carved wood or some semiprecious stone.

Choosing between backgammon boards should not be a life or death issue. On the contrary, it should be a decision that lasts less than a minute. You must ask yourself if your love for backgammon warrants a purchase of upwards of fifty dollars. If not, simply buy a backgammon board from Parker Brothers or Milton Bradley that shouldn't run anywhere more than thirty dollars after tax. Regardless of the board you use, backgammon is still the exact same game. The pieces aren't going to move themselves just because you spend a little more money, although the prices of some of these higher end sets would make you think they should. In the end, the backgammon board that you choose will supply you with endless fun and enjoyment, whether you spend twenty or two hundred dollars. This is the nature of backgammon. It is incredibly fun and enjoyable and it has captured the minds of both children and adults for generations immeasurable. Give backgammon a chance and you, too, will see just how much this little game from the bronze age has to offer in the way of fun.