Backgammon Instructions

Backgammon is one of the most fun and entertaining ways to spend an afternoon in front of a bunch of chips and triangles. Backgammon instructions aren't terribly complicated, but a basic understanding of the general backgammon instructions is nonetheless necessary in order to enjoy the game at its fullest.

Your backgammon board will consist of twenty-four triangles called "points". These points will be divided between four quadrants. Two belong to you while the other two belong to your opponent. Backgammon instructions typically tell you to face your opponent so that the board is perpendicular to the two of you. Once the dice are rolled, the highest roller will go first.

The two different-colored chips move in opposite directions. Typical backgammon instructions require that, once the two dice are rolled, the player must move one checker the amount of numbers on one die and move a second checker the amount of spaces indicated on the second die. A player may move one checker the amount of spaces indicated from both dice but only if the two individual spaces are not taken up by two or more checkers by the opposing player. This is made more difficult because of the fact that each player begins the game with two checkers on his or her twenty-four point, five on each thirteen point, three on the eight point for each player, and five on the six point for each player.

The amount of checkers on a given point are crucial to the instructions of backgammon. A player may only occupy a point of an opponent has one or less checker on that point. The object of the game is to get to your home side, which are the two quadrants on your side of the board. Once this is done, you can "bear off". According to the national backgammon instructions, you may bear off by rolling the dice and removing the checker that corresponds to the number on one or more of the dice. If neither numbers correspond, the player must move his highest numbered checker forward. The game is considered finished once a player has beared off all of his or her pieces.

Backgammon instructions are difficult to describe without pictures, but the game is the type that is easy to pick up once the basics are understood. After a couple practice games, even a complete novice will get the fundamentals of backgammon down. Once a person learns how to play backgammon properly, he or she is typically a fan for life.