Backgammon Set Up

For those who have never played backgammon, pardon my French but you don't know what the hockey puck you're missing. Backgammon is one of the oldest games in civilization, not to mention one of the most treasured and cherished among human history. Do yourself a favor next time you're at a hobby store or large retail chain; pick a backgammon set up and put it in your cart.

The traditional backgammon set up consists of a board, thirty chips called "checkers", four dice, and a doubling cube. Some higher end backgammon sets come with shakers for the dice. What is great about the backgammon set up is that the board usually can fold in on itself and then lock up, with all of the contents safely secured inside.

Many people are giving the traditional backgammon set up for playing backgammon on the computer. Online backgammon has seen quite a growth in popularity, surpassing even that of traditional backgammon. There are myriad reasons for why this is so. For one thing, playing backgammon online allows the player to indulge in a game of backgammon whenever he or she feels like it. With traditional backgammon, one would have to wait until he or she was in the vicinity of another player who not only knows how to play the game, but also wants to play at any given time. With online backgammon, there is literally a world of players ready for a game. This is great news for the people who enjoy playing backgammon late at night.

While online backgammon has certainly led to a downfall in sales for traditional backgammon sets, this can be seen in part as a boon for those who still wish to play backgammon the way in which it was intended. With demand for backgammon sets on a downward slope, many higher end backgammon sets can be found for a relatively low price. Even ornate sets that are leather-bound and typically sell for upwards of two hundred dollars can be found online at sometimes half that price. A beautiful backgammon board can make any room in a house instantly look classier. Furthermore, playing backgammon face to face is the preferred way for many traditional backgammon stalwarts. In the end, whether one chooses to play backgammon in its original incarnation or, if someone chooses to enjoy backgammon online, one thing is certain: Backgammon, after all these years, continues to be an enduring favorite among many people of all ages across the globe.