Backgammon Set

Backgammon is one of the most enduring and beloved games since the dawn of civilization. Its as if chess and checkers had a baby, and that child had a baby with yahtzee. For the unaware, backgammon is one of the most enjoyable way to spend recreational time, and a backgammon set can be purchased at most hobby stores for a low price. One can also find many fine backgammon boards at some of the larger retail stores or toy stores. Make no mistake, though. Backgammon is no toy. Some even hesitate to call it just a "game".

A backgammon set didn't use to be so inexpensive and, while there are still high-end backgammon boards that cost hundreds of dollars, a large factor in the lowering of backgammon set prices has to do with the internet. Backgammon can be played online through a seemingly endless number of sites dedicated to the game. Furthermore, many of these sites allow the player to play backgammon for free. This all but makes the idea of purchasing a backgammon set from a store seem outdated and pointless.

The growth in popularity of online backgammon over its traditional counterpart has to do with the fact that a person is able to play backgammon against a real opponent nearly any time of they day they wish. With so many sites catering to so many backgammon fans across the world, there is always the chance to enjoy a game of backgammon. Playing a game of backgammon on a traditional backgammon set requires another party that not only knows how to play backgammon, but also is in the mood to do so. Another factor that comes into play when a person chooses internet backgammon is the fact that you can also play against an opponent controlled by the computer. This allows people to adjust the difficulties and always be presented with a challenge.

This isn't to say that buying a backgammon set is a bad idea. In fact, true backgammon purists find much more to enjoy from owning a backgammon set over playing the game online. For one thing, backgammon sets can be made beautifully by certain manufacturers, and a backgammon board of an ornate style adds a touch of charm to any living room. There is also the enhanced strategic battle of the minds when you can look your opponent dead on across the backgammon board. While internet backgammon is an increasing phenomenon, traditional backgammon shall live on.