Computer Backgammon

Fans of backgammon may have noticed an interesting trend that has been occuring steadily over the past several years. It seems that the "traditional" form of backgammon, played with a backgammon board and checkers, has fallen off the wayside in terms of popularity as a new form of backgammon has taken its place. This is the trend of computer backgammon websites that have grown steadily in popularity in recent years.

Computer backgammon is in many ways the exact same game of backgammon, with an electronic spin. This is akin to the computerized versions of Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, and countless other games that have become popular culture icons. Like these games, computer backgammon is a refreshing twist on an enduring standby. Anybody curious about computer backgammon need only to look on the internet to see the many sites devoted to online backgammon competitions and computer backgammon programs.

What sets computer backgammon apart from traditional backgammon, aside from the obvious differences, is the fact that, nowadays, people are able to play backgammon online against competitors. This makes computer backgammon perfect for somebody who does not have many friends that share his or her love of backgammon. Since there is no real way to play backgammon alone, computer backgammon is an incredible boon to the many people who love backgammon but, up to now, have had nobody with which to share their enjoyment.

With online computer backgammon sites, anybody with even the most basic level of computer knowledge can navigate their way into an exciting backgammon match with anybody around the world. What makes this even more beneficial to people of this type is that there is literally no time of day or night when people are not playing backgammon.

Another benefit of playing backgammon on the computer is that fact that there is always a computer opponent to play. Anyone who, for whatever reason, does not wish to play with real players online can find much to love in a computer-controlled opponent. The difficulty can be adjusted so as to always prevent a challenge, or simply to ensure that the computer always gets its proverbial butt kicked. With so many benefits to playing backgammon on the computer, one may wonder if the traditional form of backgammon is in danger of falling off the wayside. These fears are unfounded, though. Traditional backgammon will always have a home, if only for the fact that many backgammon purists prefer traditional backgammon, and online backgammon programs can never duplicate the beauty of a finely crafted backgammon board.