Online Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the most loved and treasured games in the history of man. Most people would be surprised to learn that backgammon, in one incarnation or another, has actually been around for thousands of years. Even today backgammon enjoys a widespread popularity that is equal among all age groups. Advances in the computer age has also played a part in the resurgance of popularity, with online backgammon sites enjoying more visitors each day.

Fundamentally, online backgammon is nearly identical to regular backgammon. Obviously, online backgammon doesn't have a board or tangible checkers, but the rules for online backgammon are precisely the same as the rules for traditional backgammon. Polls do show, however, that online backgammon seems to be increasing in popularity at the same time that demand for backgammon boards are waning. There are various reasons for why this is so. The price of backgammon boards plays a part in explaining why online backgammon has surpassed its computer-free counterpart. Many backgammon boards range on the high end of price, sometimes costing hundreds of dollars for a decent set. While it is true that a backgammon board with little to no frills can be bought for around twenty or thirty dollars, that is still twenty or thirty dollars more expensive than the many online backgammon sites that allow you to play the game for free, whenever you wish.

Another factor that has helped internet backgammon gain the upper hand is the simple fact that, when playing backgammon online, there is always an opponent to play against. When sitting at home with a backgammon board, a person wanting to play a game must find a person who not only knows how to play backgammon, but also wants to play it at that particular time. With backgammon sites, you can play against somebody anywhere in the world whenever you so desire. For that matter, many backgammon websites offer you the ability to play against a computer-controlled opponent. Most of these A.I. opponents have varying skill levels that can be changed by a player, letting both a novice or an expert set the difficulty to a rate that is preferable.

While backgammon will continue to be a treasured and beloved game for the foreseeable future, in any incarnation, it does seem that the trend of playing backgammon online will not cease anytime soon. This should be heralded as good news to any backgammon fan, as they now have the chance to play the game at any time they please.