Travel Backgammon Sets

Backgammon is one of the most popular and enduring games the world over. Because of this, travel backgammon sets continue to sell rather well, despite the flood of portable electronic gaming devices into the market. Like most travel versions of board games, travel backgammon sets are nearly identical to the original model, though scaled down somewhat.

In truth, regular backgammon sets can be used as travel backgammon sets simply because of the fact that backgammon boards are not very large to begin with. Travel backgammon sets improve on the original models, however, by making most sets more compact and allowing features such as zippers or collapsability, in some cases. Also, many sets are in fact magnetized, making them better for the road, where bumps or sharp turns may otherwise send wayward checkers flying. There are also, in fact, electronic backgammon games that can be taken on the road and played. These games usually allow two players to play together, and many also include the option of playing backgammon against a computer-controlled opponent. Electronic backgammon games can be found at most hobby stores, and certainly on the internet.

Travel backgammon sets vary in both price and quality. While it is true that one can find a travel backgammon set for as low as ten dollars at some establishments, there are also luxury sets that can cost up to fifty dollars and sometimes more. These sets are typically made from leather or other fine materials, but in the end are still backgammon sets.

There are various places on the internet where these sets can be found for a moderate price. One such place is, a site that specializes in backgammon and backgammon-related items and memorabilia. Most of the travel sets on this site are relatively inexpensive, though a few cost upwards of two hundred dollars. Again, quality is the word to watch. It is up to the buyer to decide whether he or she would like to spend more money on what is essentially the same game made with finer materials.

The truth of the matter is that anybody can simply make their own travel backgammon sets if they so desire. All one really needs to do is to draw out a backgammon set-up onto a piece of paper, and then use coins or something similar in lieu of checkers. Whether one chooses to create their own backgammon set or purchase one, this person can be sure of one thing; he or she will have a great time on the road with a travel backgammon set.