Cabin Plans 

Kit Cabins

What exactly are kit cabins? For those of you who do not know, kit cabins are sort of like Lagos. Instead of purchasing a cabin that someone else built whether it is pre-owned or brand new you are purchasing a kit that contains everything you need to build yourself a cabin. All you will need is some tools and some land to put it on. Well, if you are not big on carpentry, you may also need a few employees as well. So, now that we have one question out of the way, it is time for the more pressing question of the day: Are kit cabins worth the money you will spend on them? This one is a matter of personal taste, but the answer should not be too difficult.

Let us start this of by giving a statistic that everyone can appreciate. You can purchase a large cabin kit, with multiple bedrooms, a large kitchen, bathrooms, and the whole nine, for less than $70k and that is on the high end. It goes without saying that kit cabins are definitely cost effective. And since America is currently in a recession, a cabin can be a great choice for a new home.

Yes, cabins make the perfect home. The type of cabin that people lived in during the 1800s may not have been ideal homes, even though they did the best they could and a lot of those guys were seriously some master craftsmen. But todays cabins are really modernized and safe. They will keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and safe from the harsh elements. Kit cabins are available in multiple wood types and have multiple floor plan options.

One of the hottest selling kit cabins on the market today is the open floor plan with the gigantic gourmet kitchen and master suite loft. This has become a common cabin in recent years. The wood is absolutely beautiful. Almost anyone would enjoy hanging their hat up in one of the many lavish kit cabins available. Well, put the emphasis on almost. Tree huggers may not be ordering a cabin anytime soon. But leave them to their manly diet of bean sprouts and spinach smoothies. We will take the steak, please. And throw in some beef jerky for dessert.

Kit cabins are the perfect place to live, even if you are only planning on using it as a second or a vacation home. Safety is never an issue, and when it comes to beauty, kit cabins deliver it with room to spare.