Cabin Plans 

Log Cabins

Log cabins have a history as old as America itself. Some of the first homes the pioneers built were log cabins, and when it comes to fame in American culture, our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, was raised in a log cabin in Illinois. In fact, the famous childrens toy, Lincoln Logs, get their name from the Presidents meager upbringing. Throughout the years, log cabins have gone from cheap dwelling for the poorer citizens to lush and lavish homes for everyone.

There was a time not even that long ago, when log cabins were considered the bottom rung of all homes. Cut down some trees, square off the logs, seal them up with some mud, and build a roof from branches, and viola, a log cabin. This made them accessible to anyone willing to spend the time it took in the woods to build their home. But todays cabins are something different entirely. With large, spacious rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and even some extra features like Jacuzzis and grilling decks, log cabins are among the most sought after vacation properties in the country.

Even antique log cabins are hot sellers. The outside of the cabins are virtually unchanged from the time period in which they were built, but when it comes to the insides, all new features make these old homes very popular. You can find refurbished or newly built log cabins in the Appalachian and Rocky Mountain ranges, on the shores of lakes all over the US, and everywhere in between.

You do not have to purchase a premade cabin, either. Instead, there are plenty of log cabin kits available for an amazingly low price that allow you to build the cabin of your dreams for a fraction of the cost of a traditional home. These kits sell all over America, purchased by a wide range of people who wish to have a vacation home for the summer or winter months, and even those first-time homebuyers wishing to save some money on their purchase.

The range of log cabins is another reason why these homes are always popular. You do not have to settle for a one-room shack. Instead, you can have a cabin with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, gourmet kitchens, home theatres, wine rooms, sun rooms, and much, much more. Log cabins are a great way to save money without sacrificing any of the luxury that you are used to. Whether you are looking into renting one for a vacation or purchasing one permanently, it is a wise investment in any economy.