Cabin Plans 

Prefab Cabins

When you hear the term prefab cabins, it is referring to a prefabricated dwelling that is manufactured off-site ahead of time and usually ships in sections and is easily assembled. Prefab cabins are all the rage for wannabe homeowners who 1) do not feel like nor can afford to spend on a fortune on both land and materials for a luxury home, and 2) do not have the time or the patience to build something from scratch. But there is always one major question when dealing with prefab cabins. Are they worth it? The answer is undoubtedly yes.

When thinking of prefab cabins, it helps if you get that image of a model car out of your head. This is not some cheap, barely-thrown-together version of a traditional log cabin. What you are getting with a prefab model is a full-sized, state-of-the-art, ultra-modern cabin that is built with the best timber around. There is also a big concern over prefab cabins from people who know about the nightmare of prefab homes. But there are a few big differences to be considered.

For starters, in terms of traditional homes, it is not cost-effective enough to sell a prefab home for an affordable price. The reason for this is everything that goes into a home. You have so much intricate work and siding and insulation and the like it is just not feasible to give a good deal. Prefab cabins, however, avoid this problem due to their simplistic (in comparison) all-wood construction. There is also a social stigma to contend with in the traditional housing market. In simple terms, prefab homes are considered the cheap shoes to the rich kids Air Jordans. But again, cabins are able to avoid this.

Most cabins are located on private lots, in the woods, on a lakeside, etc. Rarely are cabins brushing elbows with other homes in the area. Prefab homes stand out like a sore thumb, thus they are not liked by many. Prefab cabins, on the other hand, leave no one the wiser. Because apart from being secluded compared to modern homes, there are really no indicating factors that scream Prefab. The construction is seamless.

Prefab cabins are also a great way to break from the traditional-looking cabin if you are not big on that. But, of course, you can get something very traditional. The choice is yours. However, the most popular are the more modern-looking prefab cabins with more windows, bigger porches, sharper angles, etc.

No matter what you decide to go with, a prefab cabin is a great choice. You can save money, time, and have something that is 100% yours that will last for generations to come.