Ashton Cigars

Ashton cigars might sound that they are new in the business, with the company being created in 1985 by Rober Levins. However, make no mistake. Ashton cigars are backed by decades of previous experience which came through the manufacturing expertise of the Fuente family, an institution in the cigar industry. As any cigar connoisseur knows, it is the cigar that makes the name, not the name that makes the cigar. And regarding Ashton cigars, it is their quality what makes them what they are today.

The filler of Ashton cigars comes from only the best Dominican grown leafs, with representatives of Ashton cigars going often to the island in order to select the material that will be used in the production of their cigars. Because Ashton cigars are valued for their quality, this part is not left to chance and it is the main cause for the brands exquisite flavor and body. The leafs that are used for the wrappers are grown much closer to home, in the state of Connecticut. These leafs are carefully selected in order to get only the oiliest and silkiest ones. The combination of the Dominican filler and the American wrapper gives Ashton cigars their unique taste which is unparalleled in the world.

In addition, the VSG, or Virgin Sun Grown, which is perhaps the most popular blend of all the Ashton cigars, uses wrappers from Ecuador. Of course, there are not just bought over the phone. There are representatives of Ashton cigars which are experts on the subject and study the leaves in order to get only the ones that confirm to the strict standards set up by Ashton cigars in order to give its customers the best value for their money. These experts are not involved at all in the commercial dealings of the purchasing process (there are other people who do that), in order to leave them free to dedicate themselves only to the assurance of the high quality of the tobacco.

In fact, the Virgin Sun Grown started by itself a tendency towards full bodied cigars that continue to this day. It is also one of the most famous and best ranked cigars in the world, beating even Cuban cigars, which are considered the top cigars in the industry.

So, if you want a good smoke, in the most literal sense of the word, you really can not go wrong with Ashton cigars. There are several authorized dealers all over the country, which means that they are also easy to find and get.

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