Best Cigars

Contrary to what people who do not smoke think, there is not such a thing as best cigars for everyone. It all depends on each persons taste, likes, preferences, and of course, budget. This is because cigars have a much specific taste and flavor to them, compared to cigarettes. The quality of cigars can vary greatly as well, and the prices can be completely out of range of most people when it comes to luxury premium cigars. All these factors and more make it very difficult, if not impossible to point out a brand or type of cigars that could be considered the best cigars for everyone.

For example, a lot of people smoke cigars only very rarely and have not really developed a taste or preference for a certain brand or blend. In those cases, the best cigars are probably the cheapest ones. Theres really no point for them in spending their hard earned money in more expensive cigars if they are probably the same to them. At most, they can decide on a certain type of body (which is probably the lightest) and then just get the cheapest cigars they can buy with that body.

On the opposite side, there are people who have developed a preference to a certain brand and even to a certain blend within a brand. For those people, cigars from that brand or that blend are the best cigars in the world, and there is no argument or reasoning that can make them think otherwise. Although this attitude is very understandable, these people might be missing the opportunity to try different cigar experiences.

Finally, there are some for whom the cigars they smoke are not only a habit they like, but also a sign of status and class. If it is a cigar that most people can afford, they are not interested. For them, the best cigars are the most expensive ones, which are also considered by most (but not by all) the highest quality cigars. There are certain brands that dedicate themselves or their best cigars to this type of clients. Cigars in this category can easily reach a couple hundred dollars per cigar, with the best cigars can even reach the thousand mark per cigar. Such cigars give a new meaning to the phrase burning money. As you can imagine, only the rich and wealthy can afford such cigars.

As a final note, some people claim that Cuban cigars are the best cigars there are. While it is undisputable that their quality is one of the best in the world, a lot of their mystique comes from the fact that they are illegal in the United States.

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