Cao Cigars

Cao cigars are one of the best Premium cigars in the world. They combine the flavor, style, class, and tradition of one of the main names in the industry with the best leaf quality and handcraftsmanship experience in order to offer an excellent product that has pleased cigar connoisseurs for centuries. That is the reason Cao cigars are smoked by those who can afford them in several types of events, whether they are celebrating a special occasion, to end perfectly a delicious meal, as a small pleasure in a horse race, with friends in a fun reunion, or just alone at home, while reading a good book and enjoying a good wine.

In addition, Cao cigars are one of the only brands that give a local flavor and production method to their cigars, resulting in cigars that appeal to all tastes. In addition, this gives Cao cigars a much wider variety for their costumers, which can literally select a cigar from several parts of the world without renouncing to their favorite brand. It is also something that appeals to the nationalists who want to contribute to their patriotic sense by smoking their favorite cigar. For example, the ring that is used for the American brand of Cao cigars (very appropriately called America), features an unmistakably American design, in blue, red, and white, with a type of coat of arms that features starts and stripes in the way the American flag does, as well as a golden eagle. It is really a sight that is hard to miss and it can be clearly imagined being smoked in American celebrations, such as the fourth of July.

Of course, image would be nothing if it were not backed up by quality and flavor. Cao cigars are produced through a long and very specific process to insure the best quality. All its processes are made by hand, both in order to preserve tradition and to supervise that each leaf gets the proper treatment of fermenting and aging, which not even the best machine that exists in this moment can do. It also employs the people with the most experience as well as with the best knowledge in order to understand tobaccos natural process and produce blends that are both traditionally proven, as well as to come up with new blends that combine the best qualities of different leafs from the entire world.

So, if you want a great tobacco experience, and you have the money to buy them, you can not go wrong with Cao cigars.

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