Cheap Cigars

When buying cigars, it can be hard to get cheap ones. In general, cigars are not meant to be cheap. Cheap cigars are not easy to come by because manufacturers in general try to get their products known as high quality items. In general, it is considered that if you want a cheap smoke, then you should buy cigarettes, not cheap cigars.

However, there are still some cheap cigars that everyone can reasonably afford. Of course, when I say cheap cigars, I mean it in the context of cigar prices. Most cigar producers have different blends and types of cigars. And even within the same blend, there would be differences in size. Some of these blends are only slightly more expensive than others, and some of them are MUCH more expensive than others, reaching prices that are unthinkable and completely out of reach for most people, except the rich and famous. For example, the Gurkha Your Majestys Great Reserve can cost up to $750 dollars. That is, $750 dollars a cigar; do not make the common and very disappointing mistake of thinking that it refers to the price per box. With boxes containing at least 20 cigars, you will be $15,000 dollars short for a box of these cigars. These prices give an almost literal meaning to the idiom burning money.

So, when you find other cigars also produced by Gurkha, at $20 dollars per cigar, then that is what you call cheap cigars. They are still more expensive than cigarettes by far, but they are still accessible to people.

Of course, a lot of people wonder if they are any point of paying hundreds of dollars for a cigar when you can find cheap cigars that are just a few dollars. Well, it all depends on your taste, how much and how often you smoke cigars, and your economic power, of course. It is a bit like wondering whether a BMW is worth the price when there are much cheaper cars available. If the only reason you want a car is go get from point A to point B, then spending money on a BMW is a waste. Similarly, if you do not have developed a taste for cigars, then cheap cigars should be enough for you. It is only after you can actually start telling cigar flavors apart and develop a preference for a type or flavor of cigars, that you can move to more expensive cigars that satisfy your expensive needs.

Still, in my humble opinion, if I had $15,000 dollars to spend, I sure would not spend them on a box of cigars, no matter how much Her Majesty loves them.

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