Cigar Box Purse

After you finish smoking your last cigar, do not throw the box to the garbage. You can still use it to make a cigar box purse. Even if you do not want to make a cigar box purse yourself, you might want to give it to someone in your family or in your friend circle who can use it to make a cigar box purse.

A cigar box purse is a great way of turning something that would otherwise be considered garbage to a beautiful artistic object, if done by the right hands. It could also be a project for a teens or childs art class. In any case, it will still have a use. And of course, if you are into handcraft yourself, then you can add another dimension to your love for cigars. In addition, a cigar box purse makes an interesting gift for a lady that loves either handcrafts or cigars (or both).

Most cigar lovers will have cigar boxes around anyway. And if you smoke cigars in a constant basis, you will have several of them in the future, so do not be afraid to experiment, even if your first cigar box purse turns out to be less than stellar, you can always try again after you finish your next shipment of cigars.

Try to select a box that feels good to the touch and is light to carry with one hand. Wooden boxes are better than cardboard ones when making a cigar box purse. That is because they are much more resistant. You can still make a cigar box purse out of a cardboard cigar box, but then it will become only a decoration item, not a cigar box purse that can really be carried around.

The first thing to do is clean the box. Afterwards, you have to decide with stickers, paper covers and decals you want to keep and varnish them. Then clean the rest and give the parts of the box that are not covered by stickers a smooth surface with sand paper. Afterwards, coat the exterior with polyurethane.

The rest is pretty much left to your imagination and artistic creativity. Most people coat the interior in foam, but this is optional. Some parts can be replaced if you think it will add to the beauty or practical use of the cigar box purse. You can choose any stickers, posters or decorations on the exterior. In addition, you can also paint something, if you feel you are up to it. If you are giving it to someone, try to include motives that the person receiving it will like. Finally, add a handle to make it portable.

In the end, the most important thing when making a cigar box purse is having fun. If the process does not seem appealing to you, you can still buy one from a shop or online.

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