Cigar Caddy

If you are a lover of cigars, you know that they need special storage in order to keep their good quality and flavor. As you know, cigars need special conditions, which include mainly temperature and humidity. If these are not met, the cigars will lose their flavor or their body, or will show some undesired characteristics, for example, burning uneven when they are smoked.

There are several ways to store your cigars. Some of them are more expensive than others and in a way, some of them are more practical than others. It all depends on your specific needs, how often you buy cigars, and how long you plan to store them before you smoke them.

In fact, if you plan to store them for a short period of time before you smoke them, even the most innocuous of containers will do, such as a simple jar or a Tupperware container. Such simple storage devices will work fine, and keep your cigars in good conditions as long as you make sure the temperature where they are is the appropriate and that they do not receive direct sunlight. Of course, the time that you can keep cigars in this way is limited, a year at most. For the casual cigar smoker, this will be usually more than enough.

However, for those that make cigar smoking a part of their life, that is not enough. It is not only the small window time (for cigar standards), but also the fact that closed containers would not allow cigars to age. The opposite of a Tupperware container is a small room dedicated to the storage of cigars, complete with humidifier and light and temperature controls. As you can imagine, such a device is really expensive.

Another device that a lot of people find convenient is a cigar caddy. A cigar caddy is a small box made of synthetic materials that is used to carry cigars. It is very convenient when you want to travel and take some of your favorite cigars with you.

In addition, a cigar caddy is one of the most resistant devices that there are. You can throw a cigar caddy at a wall, or drop them and it will not break or open. You can even run your car over a cigar caddy (yes, I did it), and it will still resist it. And the best part is that the cigars inside the cigar caddy will not be damaged by any of these very unlikely events. Moreover, a cigar caddy will keep the cigars inside humid, so you can always just pop out one of the cigar caddy and smoke it.

They also come in different presentations. I got a cigar caddy that could hold 10 cigars, but you can also get models that hold 2, 5, 15, 18, and 30 cigars. The resistance and the protection they give to your cigars are more than worth the price.

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