Cigar Cases

For the true cigar aficionado, just any cigar would not do. Unlike a cigarette, a cigar has a much more distinct flavor to it, and the difference in quality between cigars can vary greatly. This is reflected in the price different between brands of cigars, with some brands costing as little as 2 dollars per cigar, to several hundred for the most expensive cigars.

Also, getting good cigars is much more difficult than getting cigarettes. And with laws against smoking being enacted everywhere, it is getting increasingly difficult to get cigars even in places where they used to be sold commonly, such as the horse races.

This has resulted in the increased popularity of cigar cases. These little cigar containers let a cigar lover carry a few of his cigars, taken from his or her own collection wherever he or she goes. Because of how practical cigar cases have become, having one is increasingly convenient and it allows the cigar smoker to enjoy his or her favorite cigars almost everywhere.

There are several types of cigar cases, and as it is the case with cigars themselves, they tent to cater to different tastes and needs. Of course, it goes without saying that some cigar cases are also luxury items, decorated with jewels or diamonds, or made out of gold and silver, and that are meant to show their owners class and financial status in addition to holding his or her cigars.

Cigar cases also come in different capacities, and it is a good idea to buy at least two. The smallest ones hold 2 or 5 cigars. These cigar cases are very convenient for an evening out and they are easy to carry in your breast pocket or your coat pocket. There are also cigar cases that carry 10, 15 and even 18 cigars. These are not easy to carry around on your person, but they come in handy if you want to spend a weekend away in a cabin or a beach. Finally, there are cigar cases that hold 25 or 30 cigars. Although most people would not find a practical use for these, they come in handy when you are celebrating and want to share your favorite cigars with your friends, for example, when you announce that you are going to have a son. These cigar cases are also very useful for people who travel and have to be away for 2 weeks or more and need to be close to their favorite habit. Just pay attention that you do not exceed the limit of cigars you can take with you when traveling to another country.

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