Cigar Cutter

Cigar smoking is a slightly more complex habit that cigarette smoking. Knowing about the different types of cigars there are, and the difference between an American Market Selection and an English Market Selection requires some time and experience. In addition, most cigars lovers have to develop a taste and recognize a blend when they smoke it. Anyone who thinks or says that any cigar will do is just showing off how little he or she knows about cigars.

Knowing how to smoke a cigar is just as important as knowing about cigars. In a way, it is a little ritual. And the most important part of this ritual is knowing how to cut a cigar. While it is very understandable for people who have never smoked a cigar not to cut it, or to cut it on the wrong end, any of these actions is considered extremely embarrassing amongst cigar connoisseurs.

There are many ways to cut a cigar. The simplest one is just biting its head off, although this is not seen favorably by cigar connoisseurs, as it causes the loss of smokable tobacco, an uneven burn, or worse, the tobacco coming apart. It can only be resorted to as a last measure in an emergency, although real cigar lovers will always make sure they are prepared for such an emergency.

The best way to cut a cigar is by using one of the many cigar cutters that are commercially available. There are three types of cigar cutters; the straight cut, the punch cut, and the V-cut.

Straight cigar cutters are also known as guillotine cutters, because of their resemblance in method to the French decapitation device. This type of cigar cutters is very popular because they can be carried conveniently in ones pocket or even wallet without danger of injury. It might take some practice to know exactly how to cut a cigar with these cigar cutters, so amateurs should not use them on expensive cigars until they have mastered the cut. The best way to use these cigar cutters is to put them at eye lever and make a quick, fast, clean cut.

Punch cigar cutters are easier to use. They involve a small circular blade, similar in form to a car cigarette lighter which is punched on the cap of the cigar to make a hole. This method is faster and easier to use than Straight cigar cutters, but it is considered a bit like cheating by the cigar elite.

Lastly, V cigar cutters look similar to guillotine cigar cutters, but they make a V shaped wedge into the cap of the cigar, rather than completely removing it. In a way, these cigar cutters are a mix of guillotine and punch cigar cutters.

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