Cigar Holder

Smoking cigars is more than a habit. It is a symbol of tradition, style, and class. It takes a bit of knowledge and skill to know how to select, store, cut, light, and smoke a cigar. A cigar is definitely is not a bigger, more expensive version of a cigarette. It is not something you smoke every time you have a 5 minute break and it is definitely not something you treat with careless.

In addition, a real cigar lover develops a preference. This preference not only tells a lot about the flavor of the cigar, but also about the style of the smoker, and to a lesser extent his or her class. For example, it is not the same to smoke a Cuban cigar that is more than likely counterfeit, than smoking a Gurkha Your Majestys Special Reserve that sells for 750 dollars per cigar.

In any case, finding cigars outside of specialized stores has become increasingly difficult, much more so if you have a preference for a brand or blend of cigar that is expensive or uncommon. A great part of the cause is that, as of late, new laws have been enacted that limit or prohibit the sale of tobacco products in most public places.

If a cigar lover wants to enjoy his favorite brand of blend of cigar in another place that is not his or her house, then he or she has to take some of his or her personal collection along. Because of this, cigar holders have become more popular than ever. Cigar holders have the same function as cigar cases, but they carry a much less quantity of cigars.

A cigar holder is very practical for an evening. It is usually elegant, and stylish. It holds one, two or three cigars at most, which should be more than enough for one night. A cigar holder is very portable and it will fit perfectly and comfortably on your breast pocket or your coat pocket.

The main function of a cigar holder is to keep your cigar safe. Cigars are very fragile, and thus they need protection in order to avoid getting crushed or smashed with movements. They are also more expensive than cigarettes, and it is not customary to smoke one after another, like cigarettes, so it can be a letdown if one of them is accidentally smashed. That is why most cigar holders are made out of metal, or another type of material that is resistance, although some cigar holders are made of leather.

Finally, another advantage of cigar holders is that they are very customizable. You can add an image, initials, or even a name to a cigar holder. These make excellent presents for people who love cigars.

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