Cigar Magazine

Learning how to smoke can be a bit difficult if you plan on learning on your own. If you want to enjoy the habit of smoking but do not know how to go about it, you can learn a lot about cigar smoking in one of the many specialized cigar magazines that are widely available everywhere.

Because there are so many you can choose from, the best thing to do at first is buy a one or two. At first, try to buy one that operates on a local level, as opposed to a national level. A cigar magazine in your area will let you know about local specialized shops that are within driving distance. It will also feature brands that you can buy in your area.

Also, a cigar magazine in your area will also give you basic information on cigar types, as well as flavors and terminology. While a local cigar magazine would not be as complete as a national one, it will still give you enough information to get you started.

Afterwards, once you have some experience and developed a preference for a type of cigar, you can start buying more complete, expensive magazines. One of the most famous (if not the most famous) cigar magazines in the United States Cigar Aficionado. It makes a very good read and it has interesting articles. It is also one of the cigar magazines that is very outspoken against the Cuba embargo, claiming that it makes the best cigars in the world available to everyone but Americans. It is also famous for the celebrities that appear on its cover, from the famous Groucho who was never seen without a cigar, to the controversial Fidel Castro, to more modern celebrities, like Daniel Craig. The advantage of a cigar magazine like this one is that it will feature a much more varied and open range of cigar brands and flavors, as well as products that are designed to help the cigar lover, such as cigar cutters, cigar humidors, cigar cases, lighters, etc. In addition, it will be more complete on vocabulary and techniques for smoking cigars.

Finally, after you buy a few of these cigar magazines, you will be in a better position to decide if there is one that you specially like and if it is worth subscribing to it. By this time, you would probably have already become a bit of a cigar connoisseur, as well as invested quite a bit on cigars and cigar accessories, like a cigar humidor or a cigar cutter.

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