Cuban Cigars

Cuban cigars are among the best cigars in the world. A lot of people consume them frequently in several countries because of their taste and body. They are some of the most full bodied cigars in the industry, yet they are not harsh flavored.

Cuban cigars are also known for the process that is used to produce them. This process has been perfected for decades and has passed on from generation to generation. The people who are cigar rollers in Cuba have or had fathers and grand fathers that were cigar rollers themselves. There is a lot of demand in other countries for this kind of expertise and knowledge, and those who choose to move to another country generally get a much better standard of life.

Another thing that makes Cuban cigars attractive for a lot of people is that they are illegal in the United States of America. Ever since the embargo was imposed on Cuba in 1962, Americans can not buy Cuban cigars in the United States or in any other country. Regardless of the political implications and ideologies, this came as a blow to American cigar connoisseurs.

This embargo caused several consequences in the Cuban cigars market. For one, it created a black market of Cuban cigars in the United States, which for a long time, was the only way American cigar lovers were able to get Cuban cigars. Another consequence is the production of fake Cuban cigars, which are produced in the hopes of fooling the inexperienced into making them believe they are buying the real thing and paying a surcharge. It is very hard to fight these counterfeit market because real Cuban cigars are illegal themselves.

The best way Americans can get real Cuban cigars easily is by buying them in Canada, where they are perfectly legal and available everywhere. Because of the high demand from the American market, most border towns in Canada have stores that sell Cuban cigars to Americans. The American law claims that it is forbidden for Americans to buy Cuban cigars irrespectively of the country they are. However, Canada considers that American laws do not apply in its territory and continue selling them to American countries. The same situation applies in Mexico, which also sells Cuban cigars openly. Most Americans bring their Cuban cigars in their country when they come back, just taking the label off or using a similar process to hide their origin. Although this is illegal as well, it does nott seem to be a problem as long as the quantity is small enough to be able to be used for reselling.

In the end, the embargo did not really stop the purchase of Cuban cigars in the United States. On the contrary, it gave them a layer of mystique and excitement that made them even more sought of by cigar connoisseurs.

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