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Dogs have served men for centuries in different activities. In the past, they were best used for hunting and herding cattle. They are not used for such purposes as much anymore. However, new uses have been discovered for dogs, such as guiding the blind. And of course, all dog breeds in all eras have also been selected as companionship animals whose only purpose is to be a close friend of their owner.

All of these different activities require different abilities. And thus, some dogs are better than others at them. For example, big dogs with hairy coats are better for pulling sleights in the snow, while small dogs with little need for exercise are better for guarding apartments or keeping companionship to small children.

Men have bred dogs for a long time in order to keep desired traits and pass them from generation to generation. This has resulted in all dog breeds having a very fixed set of traits that can be counted upon from generation to generations. This in turn becomes very useful when buying a dog that needs to fit a certain profile or satisfy special needs, as there is a guarantee of how the dog will evolve with the years. Of course, this comes with a price. Puppies from all dog breeds are more expensive than the rest of the puppies. And if you want a very rare breed, it will be more expensive even.

In addition, all dog breeds are regulated by kennel clubs. These clubs also decide the specific traits that define all dog breeds. These include size, weight, form, hair form and color, among many others. These specifications tent to be so strict that puppies of all dog breeds are divided between pet quality puppies and show quality puppies. Contrary to what you might think, these definitions have nothing to do with the puppies beauty or quality. They are decided on technical, almost whimsical specifications, like a tail that measures a very exact dimension and the angle at which the dog raises its head. All dog breeds are subjected to this judgment, but that does not mean that they are less pretty or have a different behavior. In fact, a lot of people prefer pet quality puppies.

So, in the end, it all comes down to your personal needs. It is very easy to find information on all dog breeds, and after a few searches on internet or a library, you will know enough on all dog breeds to make an informed decision on the breed that you should buy and the prices at which is normally sold.