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Breeds Of Dogs

Dogs are very important in human culture and they have been for centuries. Although it is not know when they were domesticated, almost every human civilization has adopted them and made them an important part of their culture. They were indispensable partners in hunting, herding cattle and guarding. In addition, they have been kept as companionship for ages.

Because of their closeness to humans, dogs have evolved and adopted characteristics that have set them apart from other animals. In fact, no other animal has the variety and adaptability to human life that dog has.

In turn, men have bred dogs for centuries in order to get special traits or characteristics that are desired, as well as to get rid of undesired ones. The result of this is that today there are literally hundreds of breeds of dog from all over the world that have completely different characteristics.

Breeds of dogs have become so important, that there are special clubs, called kennel clubs, dedicated to protecting, identifying, classifying, and registering them. They also dedicate themselves to deciding and standardizing the characteristics for all breeds of dogs.

In fact, the characteristics established for breeds of dogs set up by kennel clubs are so strict that it takes a learned and experience person to tell dogs that comply with these characteristics apart from the rest. The small things that disqualify dogs from belonging to their breeds of dogs can be as subtle as a tail that is an inch too short or too long.

This strictness regarding breeds of dogs might seem excessive to people outside the industry, but in reality, it is very useful for making sure that breeds of dogs are consistent from generation to generation, and that no matter where you buy a dog, it will be guaranteed to have the same characteristics.

In fact, that is the biggest advantage of breeds of dogs. Sure, buying a purebred puppy can be quite expensive, with the cheapest puppies coming at 300 dollars each. However, it is an investment that guarantees you that the puppy will have certain characteristics when it grows up. Although a lot of people do not care and any dog will do, which is also a noble thing, it is important if you have specific needs or if you really want a specific type of dog.

For example, if you have children, you will want a dog that will not hurt them. Dogs grow much faster than children, and if your child is too young, the puppy might outgrow him or her in two or three years, so you want to know that kind of information in advance.

Lastly, it does not really take an expert in breeds of dogs in order to get a good one for your needs. You can always ask around or find the information you need easily on Internet.