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German Dog Brees

Germans have a centuries old tradition of breeding dogs. In fact, the German Shepherd dog is one of the most famous German dog breeds there are, and it is known and loved all over the world.

However, it is not the only German breed there is, it is just the most famous one. In fact, German dog breeds cover a wide variety of dogs.

For example some German dog breeds make very good guardian dogs, like the Doberman. These dogs have very strong territorial instincts and they are also very loyal and protective of their masters. They are named after Louis Dobermann, who created the breed out of other purebreeds and some mutts. These dogs are strong and powerful and have an imposing figure with their dark colors and short, elegant coats. They are highly intelligent and protective, which is why they need a lot of socialization in their early years in order to get them used to humans.

Other German dog breeds are better for sheep-dogs. The most famous example being the German Shepherd, also known as Alsatian. This breeds was created fairly recently, in 1900 by Max von Stephanitz. This breed was designed for working and herding sheep, but because of its high intelligence, loyalty, and obedience, it has become very useful in other tasks. It is one of the most used breeds in police and military forces because it can recognize and follow commands better than other large breeds.

Some German dog breeds were even developed for pulling sleds. The best example of this breed is the Eurasier. Of course, today, it is not used to pull sleights anymore, but rather as a companionship pet. Because of its temperament, it does not make a good working pet. It makes an excellent family dog because of its loyalty. It also has the advantage of barking very little, which is good if you do not want to bother your neighbors. They are also very quiet and calm indoors, but active when outdoors.

Another famous breed is the Great Dane, which despite its name is not from Danish origin, but rather it forms part of the German dog breeds. It is one of the tallest and biggest dog breeds there are. Despite its size, it is an agile dog that can run very fast and needs daily exercise. It also has a very kind and gentle nature. However, dog owners might be advised against this breed if they have small children, as the Great Dane has a weight and strength that might be too much for them. It is also not a good choice for people that do not have much space or are not prepared for such a big dog.

There are other German dog breeds of course, but these are the most representative. In general, German dog breeds are highly intelligent, obedient, protective and loyal. On the other hand, German dog breeds require a lot of space, training and socializing in order to avoid aggressive behavior.