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Miniature Dog Breeds

If you live in a big city, like most of us do, you probably live in an apartment which is cheaper and easier to clean than a house. However, this also affects the choice you have for a pet. Most people have fish or cats, which are low maintenance and do not require as much space as other pets.

However, although fish and cats are nice, they can not beat the friendliness and loyalty of dogs. Dogs will always greet you with joy and happiness and they will be very protective of you as well, both from real and perceived threats. However, they require more maintenance than cats, and most importantly, they require more space than a normal apartment will allow. They also require exercise in big spaces in order to grown happy and healthy.

Perhaps that is the reason for the increase in popularity of miniature dog breeds. Miniature dog breeds, as their name implies, are breeds of dogs that are smaller in size compared to other dogs. Miniature dog breeds have several characteristics that are inherent to their size that makes them sought after by dog lovers.

The first and most obvious characteristic of miniature dog breeds is its size, which allows them to live in far smaller spaces than bigger dogs. Most people who live in apartments, and thus have little space for a pet, choose miniature dog breeds for this reason.

Another reason why miniature dog breeds are so popular is because they need much less exercise than larger breeds. That does not mean that you can not have fun with them in the park like all other dogs. However, it is very convenient when you have busy weeks and you can not spend an hour every day running with your dog just to keep it healthy.

It is interesting to notice that not all miniature dog breeds are like that. Indeed, there are miniature dog breeds that will require almost as much exercise than large breeds, so you should do some research before you buy one if that is a desired trait in your pet. One typical example of miniature dog breeds that require a lot of exercise is Terriers, which have a high intelligence and thus require a lot of exercise and gaming in order to keep healthy and happy.

Finally, another reason why miniature dog breeds are popular is because they are easy to take along when traveling. They can fit in much smaller cages or travel comfortably in a car, unlike big dogs which take up a lot of space in a car.