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Teacup Dog Breeds

Dogs have been with us for many centuries. In the past, they have been used for several activities, like hunting and guarding. However, unless you live in the country and have your own cattle, you are not very likely to have a dog for such purposes.

Today, most people keep dogs for the simple joy of their company. With families living farther and farther and children leaving home at an earlier age, dogs have increasingly becoming part of the family unit. In addition, dogs are loyal, playful, and friendly. They always receive you with such joy that you would think they have not seen you in ages.

However, because of the lifestyles we tend to lead, not all dogs are suitable for our companionship needs. Some dog breeds, like the Saint Bernard, are too big and too needy to be kept at home, and they are impossible to keep in an apartment. In addition, some dogs require big spaces to do the exercise they need to keep healthy, like the Doberman and the German Shepherd.

This is one of the reasons that teacup dog breeds are becoming increasingly popular. In case you have not heard the term, teacup dog breeds are breeds of dogs that are small or very small compared to other dogs and are much easier to keep in small spaces. Teacup dog breeds are also very easy to carry around. They are light enough and small enough to fit in a purse or be carried in arms.

In addition teacup dog breeds are very convenient for travel. They fit in much smaller travel cages when traveling by air. In addition, their size lets them travel comfortably in a car, provided their basic needs are met. It is no wonder than a lot of artists and famous people who travel a lot select teacup dog breeds for their pets. Perhaps the most famous one is Paris Hiltons Tinkerbell, a small Chihuahua that she carries around with her wherever she goes, and which is almost as famous as she is.

Another reason why teacup dog breeds are popular is because they do not need as much exercise as bigger dogs do. Teacup dog breeds also tire faster, which is a good thing when they escape and you need to catch them before they get hurt. They also move slower than their bigger counterparts, because of their small legs. Nevertheless, not all teacup dog breeds adapt to these characteristics. Some teacup dog breeds are very athletic and fast, like the Maltese and the Papillon.

Finally, one reason why people prefer teacup dog breeds is simply because they are cute. And since they never grow much bigger than their puppy size, they keep that charm all over their lives.