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Bull Drawings

Even though I live in a big city now, I was fortunate enough to be raised in the countryside. I liked watching the chickens and the horses and the pigs on my way to school and hear them making noise when I came back. I even had to work on the farm from time to time and, although it was tiring, I enjoyed it. Maybe because working there was an activity that I seldom did.

While most children preferred dogs or horses, my favorite animal was the bull. We only had one, and as I learned later, that was more than enough.

Now the bull might not have the grace of the horse, but it makes up for it with brute strength and an imposing presence. I was always afraid of him, I must admit, even though the one we had was a very tame animal. His horns were blunt, but I could still feel that he did not need them to beat me to a pulp if he wanted to.

Since I loved drawing, it was only reasonable that I started making bull drawings. I would sit on the other side of the fence (I was too afraid to sit on the fence as he could reach me there) and I would make bull drawings all afternoon. I remember I used to take a canteen full of water, my pencil and my notebook, and sit on the same rock every time.

I was always good at drawing, specially when I drew something that I liked. My bull drawings were so good that my relatives started to frame them and use them to decorate the house. I felt so proud every time one of my bull drawings was selected to be framed, since not all of them got that honor.

Of course, it might have been that my relatives were just being too nice to me. Since I stopped going to the country house many years ago because of family situations, I can not see if they took down my bull drawings or they are still there. I like to think they still are decorating the walls. It makes me feel better.

When I grew up, I had the opportunity to go to Spain, and witness one of their famous bullfighting rings. I was very sad and disappointed at seeing how they treated and killed the poor beasts for a show. I excused myself and left before it was over, I just could not stand it.

Since then, I have used my bull drawings to denounce such a practice. I find it cruel and unnecessary. One time, I was very proud to see one of my bull drawings used as a poster against bullfighting in a magazine.

Of course, I can not dedicate myself to that alone, but I hope that my bull drawings help so that one day, there are not any bullfighting spectacles anymore.