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Christmas Drawings

My family and I love Christmas. We always have, as far as I can remember. We make a very big event out of it, with dinner, music, songs, prayer, activities, etc.

I must admit that when I was a child, it was mostly about the toys and games I got, I remember I hated when I got clothes, like sweaters and socks. To me, Christmas presents were divided in two categories: toys and not toys. That is the reason why I never give clothes as presents to children. I want them to look forward at my presents and I like giving things that they would truly like.

Now, as an adult, I think I my attitude has changed completely. I am very special and picky on what I like, so I do not really expect to receive something that I like. I get wallets and books and the occasional sweater. What I look forward instead, is to enjoy dinner with my family and dance and talk and have a good time.

We have created some family traditions during these years. My favorite one would be the Christmas drawings.

I am proud to say that I was the one who started the Christmas drawing tradition. It all started one night where I had to take care or more nephews and nieces than I could handle. Since I had to entertain them for a bit while the other grown ups were busy with dinner and errands, I had to come up with an idea on how to make them stay still for a minute. I did not have any toys at hand, but I saw some paper and pencils on a desk, so I said Ok, let us play a game, grab a paper and make some Christmas drawings for your uncle. I will give a chocolate bar to the best one.

I then expanded the rules a bit, your Christmas drawings can include anything you like about Christmas, except the presents you think you will receive. I did not want those Christmas drawings to prepare them for disappointment if they did not get something they drew, especially because by that time all presents had been bought and wrapped.

Well, it worked like magic. They all grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and started making Christmas drawings, and it bought me enough time for the mothers and fathers of most of them to come back. Their kids proudly showed them their Christmas drawings and told them how they hoped to be the winner.

The problem was that I did not have any chocolate bars with me, so I bought more time saying that the contest would be held after dinner, so it would not spoil the winners appetite.

In the end, I bought chocolate bars for everyone, and declared everyone a winner. Since that day, the Christmas drawings tradition has been part of my familys Christmas celebration.