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Comic Book Drawings

If you are into comic book drawings, here are some tips that can help you.

First of all, you have to develop a plot and a good setting. Even the most beautiful or impressive comic book drawings will not interest an audience long unless there is a nice story and background that supports them.

You have to create the background first, and the plot second. The background is important because it gives coherence to every story, no matter what happens. Important information in the background should be places, distances, means of transportation, countries (or kingdoms or any type of political structure), races (if any), level of technology, type and level of magic (or superpowers), etc.

Once you have all this background settles, your characters can maneuver within its laws and be consistent.

Now, when it comes to the actual drawing, there are many techniques. I recommend the following one.

Select a number of panels that you are comfortable working with. Although it does not mean you have to follow this format every single time, it will get you used to a type of work that will let you make comic books drawings faster as well as to plan in advance how you will tell your story.

Second, divide each panel into two planes. The first plane will have the characters doing the actions that you want them. The second plane will have the scenery against which your characters do their actions.

Comic book drawings use these two planes for different effects. One of them is that the second plane will let you give an idea of the place where the action takes place without so much detail. For example, if you want to draw a crown, only the people in the front have to be somewhat detailed. Another technique common in comic book drawings is using the second plane for effects. For example, if the second plane looks blurry, it will make it seem that the characters in the first plane are moving fast.

Another thing you have to take into consideration when making comic book drawings is scale. Some people forget to make characters consistent in relation to other characters. In your comic book drawings, if a short character reaches the chin of a taller character, it must never reach higher or lower than that.

Finally, another important thing when making comic book drawings is patience. When we show our comic book drawings to others, we usually expect and instant reaction from them. However, it might take some time and several tries until we make something that appeals to people and can develop into a long series.