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Demon Drawings

When I was in school, I liked having the rebel label. I though it made me look cool and attractive. I loved to skip classes, play pranks on others and the like. Oh, and I also loved demon drawings.

I am not sure why, maybe because it meant some sort of rebellion, or because the forbidden theme appealed to me, but I loved them. I even tried to make some in art class, but my teacher was very clear that this was not an acceptable subject in her class. Fortunately, it was not enough to make her sent me to the principals office, or to detention. Although one time she did discuss it with my mother.

That was a scary experience (for me). I thought my mother would never find out. She is a catholic woman and I knew she would not approve at all.

It all happened one time when we were shopping for groceries. I was with my mother, helping her push the cart, when my art teacher came from behind and said hello Pat, how do you do?

I was so startled and caught off guard that I did not manage to say a thing. Before I knew it, my teacher turned to my mother and said Oh, and you must be Pats mother. May I have a word with you? I would like to discuss Pats demon drawings in art class. They are a bit disturbing, to say the least.

Demon drawings said my mother. I did not know that Pat made demon drawings, much less in class. Is this true Pat?

Well, I, oh, they look like demon drawings, I guess, but they are not, oh, It is difficult to explain, I said. I could not tell if I was angry at my teacher for telling my mother about my demon drawings or scared of my mother finding out about them.

Do not worry said my mother to the teacher. I will see to it that Pat does not make demon drawings in art class anymore, she pointed to me, or anywhere else for that matter, young man.

Well, she made her threat good, when we got home, I got a good belt spanking that I did not forget for a while. Back in those times, it was acceptable to do that kind of punishment for children (I guess todays children are luckier). It was not that my mother resorted to that often, but I guess she felt the occasion called for such a measure.

Anyway, that was the end of my career making demon drawings, which I guess I would have outgrown by myself anyway.