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Dragon Drawing

When I was young in junior high, I had heard about this role playing games and I could not figure out what they were. They sounded pretty interesting though, and I wanted to try them out.

It was not until I met a guy at my Japanese class who used to organize sessions every Sunday that I was finally able to play one of them. It was the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game, which I guess it is the most basic and most famous of them all.

I was instantly hooked and for a year or so, I spent every Sunday at his house, playing for hours. He lived quite far and it was quite a trip to go to his house, but I did not mind.

For some reason, he stopped organizing sessions and I had to do without my fix for a while. However, I was so hooked that I bought myself a set for myself. It was the basic Dungeons and Dragons role playing set. I remember it clearly because it had a dragon drawing that impressed me. It was a big golden dragon that was meeting a group of adventurers as they climbed a mountain and it was clear that they did not have a chance against it.

I liked that dragon drawing so much that I cut it out of the box and used it as a screen for my games. Everybody else seems to like it at first. However, with time, it became old, and I decided to change it.

I did not like to buy pre-made adventures, as I preferred to invent them myself. However, I went to a hobby store and looked for some, just to get a new dragon drawing. I preferred red dragons over the rest, so when I saw a red dragon drawing I bought it without a second thought.

Although that one did the trick for a while, it became old as well. Then I decided to do them myself. My first dragon drawing was less than spectacular, let us say. So I decided just to recycle the first dragon drawing from the original box, which I still had.

It was not until my seventh or eight dragon drawing that I managed to make something half-decent, or at least something that was not too embarrassing for my friends to see.

I played role playing games for about 10 years or so. Then, my friends and I slowly got separated and went our own ways and I never played those games again. However, I still keep the original dragon drawing, just to remember those fun Sundays.