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Dragon Drawings

If you have never read Calvin and Hobbes, then I recommend it. I love it and part of the reason I do is because it reminds me of my childhood.

While most people love Hobbes, I am all sold out for Calvin. In case you have not read it, Calvin is a mischievous 6 years old boy, with the biggest imagination in the world and who can not stand school, homework, and girls. He has got more energy than a nuclear plant when he plays calvinball, a ballgame that he invented and in which the rules change on every play. However, he can not lift a single sock when it comes to clean his room.

But his passion is dinosaur and dragon drawings. He specializes in spaceships and dragon drawings, where they would fight ferocious battles in far away planets, destroying buildings and even leveling entire futuristic cities in their wake.

This obsession with dragon drawings gets him in endless trouble. Of course, he claims that the schools principal and his teacher are attempting to limit his right to self expression and trying to make him be just one more of the millions of submissive masses, among other excuses. When Hobbes, his inseparable stuffed tiger and best (and only, as far as I can tell) friend, asks him what is that his teacher objects about his dragon drawings, he candidly replies mostly my drawing them in math class.

You would think that this is just some authors jokes on children behavior. Well, I might think like that if it were not for the fact that the same situation happened to me when I was a child. When I was in art class, we were instructed by the teacher to make a drawing on any topic that we wanted. Well, I made not one, but two dragon drawings, and in one of them, they were fighting against some spaceships. My teacher not only disapproved my dragon drawings, but she also made my mother come to school and talk about my inappropriate choice of subjects.

Fortunately for me, my mother did not see anything wrong with my dragon drawings. She pretended to agree with my teacher, but when we were alone, she told me, She is wrong, but I do not want you to fail the subject, so please, no more dragon drawings in class, if you want to make dragon drawings, make them at home. I do not want to come here again to listen to your teachers foolishness.

That was many years ago, imagine my surprise when I saw the same situation in a comic strip. Well, that certainly brought some nice memories.