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Dragonfly Drawings

I am lover of nature, even though I live in a city. When I was a child, I traveled often to my grandmas ranch, where I would enjoy riding horses everywhere and exploring her limitless (to me) ranch. I do not know how big it was, as I ignored how to measure big terrains, but I remember I could ride for very long and never see the end of it. Of course, I was not allowed to go very far, and at first, a rancher was sent to watch over me and my brother, especially because our horse riding abilities were not too great and there were cattle that could head butt our horses.

I also loved to draw, so it was just natural that I took my notebook and pencil and drew all the marvels that I found there. Since there were rivers and ponds, I could sit and draw all the insects that I found there.

My favorites were dragonflies. I loved how they looked, so majestic and scary at the same time. I used to sit still by the pond and make dragonfly drawings all morning, listening to nothing else but the buzz of the insects, the water of the river, and an occasional neigh or two from my horse.

I made other types of drawings as well, mostly horse drawings, which I also loved. But dragonfly drawings were my favorite. With time, my dragonfly drawings became better and my friends were impressed. They would ask me for some, and I gave them away for free, being pleased that people liked them.

When my grandmother died, my uncle inherited the ranch, and we were not able to go there anymore. It was sad for me, because it was the only place I knew where I could go and make my dragonfly drawings undisturbed. In fact, I was never able to find a place where I could see them so close.

Later on, I went to college to study business administration, and that was the end of my career of dragonfly drawings. I am glad I kept some of my dragonfly drawings, because they make me remember those times. In those days, cameras were not as common and only adults would handle them, so I do not have pictures of that pond and the river. I wish I could have taken one, but at least I have my dragonfly drawings.

When I became a father myself, I showed them to my daughter. Not surprisingly, my dragonfly drawings were not very interesting for her. I guess times have changed.