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King Kong Drawings

Gorillas are very peaceful creatures. They like to be left alone and rarely fight. However, some cartoons and films would make us think that they are ferocious beasts, with tremendous strength that root out trees with a single hand and attack humans. Nothing farther from the truth. They are peaceful creatures who lead simple, natural lives.

However, it is still fun to see those movies, as long as you take them for what they really are, a work of fiction that is meant to entertain, not educate. My favorite one is King Kong.

If you have never seen the movie King Kong, I recommend it. I specially like the first one, in black and white, even if the special effects look bad. That is because it is a classic and I love classics.

In fact, I loved the movie and the character so much, that I began to make King Kong drawings, just for fun. This was before I took drawing classes, so my King Kong drawings were nothing more than half organized doodles that people barely recognized. Nevertheless, I had fun making them, and I guess my mother preferred having me in my house doing King Kong drawings, than out on the street getting into trouble and hanging out with who knows who.

I guess my mom saw some potential in me (or maybe she was just tired of very, very bad King Kong drawings), as she offered to pay for drawing classes. I was very thrilled, and I accepted immediately. She did ask for two conditions. That I chose a different subject from time to time, and that she might ask me for a specific drawing if she wanted.

The drawing classes turned out to be more boring than I imagined at first. There was so much preparation before actually starting to draw that it made the whole thing look like a chore. When my mother asked me to practice, I would find any excuse to postpone it. I even did my homework first than practice.

I am glad that I stayed though. With time, my drawings became better and better. When we were finally able to select what we wanted to draw, I reverted to my King Kong drawings. My teacher was not very pleased with the theme, but she admitted that my King Kong drawings looked very nice.

In fact, my King Kong drawings were good enough that my mother even started to like them. When remakes of the film started to be shown on cinemas, she would show my King Kong drawings to my relatives, who were not really that impressed and preferred to talk about serious and good movies, like the Godfather.

I do not draw anymore, but I appreciate and thank my mother for sending me to drawing classes. It was a part of my education that I will always remember.