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Mystical Butterflies Drawings

Since I was little, I have always been obsessed with insects. To me, they are part of a different world. An immense and vast world that is not visible unless you really pay attention. That fact alone made me feel like I had magic powers, the power to be a giant in human world, or to become little and be part of the insect world just by staying still and looking at these small beings in the park.

Of all insects, the most fabulous ones for me were the butterflies. They seemed so different and beautiful from the rest of the insects that it was as if they were some kind of mystical creatures among insects, much like unicorns are to horses.

In addition, they undergo a transformation from worms to cocoons to butterflies that I could not find an explanation for (at that age). At that time, the only explanation I could think of was magic.

I guess that is why I started to make mystical butterflies drawings. I had an affinity for drawing and I liked to draw and tell myself stories about these creatures.

My first mystical butterflies drawings were about giant butterflies that I could ride. They were like giant horses and I would imagine I rode them to places around the city, impressing my neighbors and classmates. I would soar on them through the skies as if I were riding a beautiful, very strange looking dragon.

Later, my mystical butterflies drawings involved the opposite scenario. In these, I would shrink in size and visit the land of insects, where butterflies were kings. In my imagination, this was an even more thrilling experience, as everything was new, original and maybe dangerous.

My mother was very supportive of my mystical butterflies drawings. She always told me she liked them and encouraged me to draw more. She even posted some of my mystical butterflies drawings on the fridge. I was always thrilled when she selected one for such an honor.

As I grew old, I lost interest in mystical butterflies drawings and instead started to draw other things, like horses and houses. I guess outgrowing my mystical butterflies drawings was part of becoming a bit more aware between the distinction of fantasy and reality.

I am now an adult, and I still do drawings from time to time. I studied drawing techniques, so now I draw better and faster. However, sometimes I wish I had kept some of my mystical butterfly drawings. After all, they were the ones that got me started on the hobby.