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Tattoo Drawings

Tattoo drawings are the ultimate form of expression in one is bodies. They are meant to represent a strong image, expression, concept, or idea. One that will stay with a person until he or she dies.

Because tattoos are mostly permanent, it is important to review several tattoo drawings until finding one that you are comfortable with, according to your personality, ideology, desired exposure, and budget.

Tattoos were created as symbols to identify and connect an individual with a group. The first tattoo drawings were rudimentary and consisted of a few lines engraved on the skin with sharp objects. They were painful but it was considered a ritual of coming of age to withstand that pain. After a while, tattoo drawings were created to differentiate status between individuals within a group. The higher a person was in the status ladder, the more complex his tattoos drawings had to be.

Later on, magical properties were attributed to tattoos. Several new types of tattoo drawings were created with as many different properties as there were needs in life. For example, there were tattoos that protected warriors from damage or gave them strength. Shamans and witch doctors wore tattoos that gave them healing and forecasting abilities. Hunters or hunters weapons were adorned with tattoo drawings that resembled the prey they were after, or the natural predator of the prey they were after. Sometimes tattoos were even used on animals, in order to identify them as property of someone.

Nowadays, tattoos are not considered to have magical properties, but nevertheless they are attractive and some people consider them powerful symbols of expressions. For example, some people choose to express their love for a person through a tattoo with their initials. The idea behind it is that their love will last all their lives, since the tattoo can not be removed easily. There are several tattoo drawings of initials to choose from. The range is almost as varied as texts fonts on a word processor.

Another common theme is beauty. A lot of people choose one from several tattoo drawings to decorate their bodies. Women tend to choose the lower part of the back, where the tattoo can be discreet or exposed according to the clothes that are worn. Some select the lower part of the calf as well.

Men, on the other hand, tend to select their arms or chests, since they allow them to show their muscles as well.

In fact, the tattoo industry is so important that a lot of people make a living by making and selling tattoo drawings, which are then imprinted on people who like them.