Discount Fireworks

If you are looking to buy discount fireworks, the best place to do so is on Internet. Not only because it is more practical, but also because you can access a much wider range of options from all over the country.

However, the sale of fireworks is regulated heavily, even on internet, because there have been several accidents with fireworks in the past, including some that have burned buildings to the ground and have severely burned or killed people. In other cases, people have lost their sight or their hearing because of being too close to fireworks. That is why law forbids the sale and purchase of fireworks by minors.

When you go to a fireworks store, you are required to present some form of identification to prove you are an adult, as it is the case with purchasing alcohol or cigarettes. Do not think that because one can hide behind the anonymity of Internet, a minor can just buy discount fireworks online just by sending an email and claiming to have a different identity.

Before letting you order discount fireworks online, a company will ask you to fax them a copy of your drivers license, passport or any other document that proves that you are an adult. As an option, you may scan it and send it as an attachment in an email. Only after the online fireworks store receives and checks your identification, it will send you a password or activate an account so that you can order discount fireworks online.

That is not the only level of security there is. Before accepting an order of discount fireworks, stores will check that the name in the credit card matches the name in the drivers license that they have registered for that account. While a minor might get a hold of his father or uncles drivers license long enough to make a photocopy of it or scan it, it is much less likely that he or she will be able to get their credit cards.

However, there is an extra layer of safety that some stores employ, in case a minor gets access to his fathers or mothers wallet. After accepting payment and shipping the discount fireworks, they will require that an adult signs for the delivery of the package. Otherwise, the delivery man will take the discount fireworks back and try again the next day. A few companies will even check that the person that signs for the package is the same one that is the holder of both the drivers license and the credit card, although this is much less common.

So, as you can see, there are many ways that online stores protect their discount fireworks from reaching minors, just as regular stores do.

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