Firework Displays

Ever since I was a child, I have always loved firework displays. My mother used to take me to the main square during religious or civic events, and I would gasp at the firework displays of color that appeared in the ski. At that age, it was proof that magic existed. My brother loved them as well. I guess that is the reason my father used to buy small fireworks that he would use at home for our entertainment. I always wanted to play with them, but my father had the common sense of buying a small quantity that he would burn fast. This kept us safe, but unfortunately for me, also wanting for more.

When I got my first camera, I did not know enough to think that I could capture firework displays with it. In those times, cameras did not have a screen where you could see the picture right after you took it. You had to take the film to a photo studio and wait a day or two until you got your pictures. When I went to get my pictures, I was really disappointed. None of the pictures captured the firework displays. They showed only black sky and a few rooftops or peoples heads. It was not until much later that I learned that special cameras (the very expensive kind) were needed to capture firework displays.

Of course, when I became an adult, I bought myself a camera that could. It cost quite a bit. In fact, much more than I thought, but then again, that is what I work for, so I can buy myself the things that I could not when I was a child (of course, now as an adult, I have money, but not free time).

Anyway, after wasting some film in practice shots, I finally took my camera to a place where there were firework displays. I felt a bit silly having spent so much money just to take a picture of some local firework displays.

As you can imagine, I was anxious and exited at the same time when I went to get my pictures at the photo studio. Most of the pictures turned out to be very good. There were some that were blurry, but that was because I wasnot used to operate the many options my camera had.

The excitement did not last long though. The next time I took pictures of firework displays with that cam, for some reason, it just was not the same. It felt old.

I still used the camera for other pictures, but never again for firework displays. I guess it is something that you have to live to appreciate it fully, not watch it on a still picture.

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