Free Fireworks Wallpaper

Today, almost everyone has a computer. They are great work tools, and modern society would be lost without them. We use them to create documents, keep our accounting in check, create presentations, plan events, draw, etc.

As time goes by, we tend to get somewhat attached with our computers. Much like cellphones, we want a computer that goes with our style or that looks in a way that appeal to us, or that says something about us. We like to personalize our computers, to the point that sometimes we feel bad when we have to use someone elses computer.

One of the things we use to personalize our computers is wallpapers. Unlike some gadgets or programs, wallpapers are very easy to change and personalize. And if you get tired of one, you just get a new one.

Some people use their own pictures as wallpapers, while others use pictures of loved ones. Some even use pictures of their pets.

On the other hand, some people like to express their preference for some brand, TV show, program, actor, or singer. In those cases, when you look at their screens you will see logos from products, shows or bands, or pictures of the people that they admire.

Some children have computers as well, and they tend to use their favorite cartoon characters as wallpapers, with characters such as Pikachu and the Powerpuff Girls.

Me, I use free fireworks wallpapers that I find on the web.

I love fireworks, so it is not a surprise. And sometimes I do not even have to look for a free fireworks wallpaper. Since my friends all know about it, they send them to me all the time.

My favorite one is a free fireworks wallpaper of the Beijing 2008 Olympics ceremony. Those were the Olympics I enjoyed the most, and the closing ceremony was spectacular, so I looked it up and found it.

I change it often though. Since finding a free fireworks wallpaper is easy, it is difficult for me to keep the same one more than a week. After it feels old, I just type free fireworks wallpaper and voila, hundreds of sites where I can get my fix.

There are a few sites which I often visit. I even saved them on my favorites file. Over time, I have found these sites useful because I never get a virus when I download a free fireworks wallpaper.

To me this is important, because one time I went to a site that was new for me and I downloaded a free fireworks wallpaper that had a virus and almost erased my information. That free fireworks wallpaper almost turned expensive, as the virus it had forced me to give basic maintenance to my computer and run the antivirus program, which killed my productivity for that day.

So, no matter what type of wallpaper you like, do yourself a favor and run an antivirus program before you download it.

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