Public Firework Displays

One of the reasons I love civic and public celebrations is because it gives me the opportunity to see the public firework displays that the authorities set. They are really an amazing sight.

As you can tell, I am biased for public firework displays. There is something about them that has captivated me ever since I was a child. I have had the chance to do some traveling to some countries, and whenever possible, I try to attend public firework displays in those countries, especially the most famous ones. Of course, I have not gone to every mayor public firework displays in the world, but I have found pictures or videos on Internet of the ones I have not been able to go to.

There are two that I have had the opportunity to go more than once. The closest ones are in Montreal. It is called the Montreal Fireworks Festival. There are companies from the entire world that come and compete, giving public firework displays that last over 30 minutes. In addition, huge speakers play music that is synchronized with the public firework displays. You can imagine what a spectacle that is, with every company having prepared for this event for almost a year. In addition, local radio play the music, so if you are not in the area where the speakers are, you can still listen to the music while you see the public firework displays from far away. I take my wife along whenever I can. She was not too keen on the idea of going all the way to Montreal just to see some public firework displays. However, after seeing them, she changed her mind and now she tries to go with me whenever she can.

In order to see the other ones, I had to go south of the border. I have been there only twice, but it was worth it. In addition to the public firework displays at night in the sky, you can see some that are specially made for daylight, as well as some that are burned on the ground. There is a special event that I find a bit dangerous, where a man dances while he holds a metallic structure in the shape of a bull. This little bull, as they call it, is filled with fireworks that are lit as he dances. It is really an amazing sight and I am always a bit anxious because I fear he might burn himself. He never does though.

I have heard that there is some sort of fireworks Olympic competition in Philippines, although I do not think I will go there soon. However, I am planning a trip with my wife to Europe, where I hope to see the ones they organize in Spain.

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