Red Devil Fireworks

Among the many brands of fireworks out there, my favorite ones are Red Devil fireworks. For some reason, I like the label, the logo and the name, even though most people tell me there is really no difference between a brand and another.

Red Devil fireworks are based in Sacramento California. The ironic thing is that their really cool stuff is illegal in California. In fact, due to the history of accidents regarding fireworks, California is one of the states with the strictest laws regarding fireworks.

Since they were illegal, we had to do with the small stuff that they sell in their California stores. My cousins and I used to burn quite a few on the fourth of July, since it was the only way we could get our firework fix.

However, this all changed when I met this guy at university. I can not say his real name, so let us call him John. Anyways, John used to sell Red Devil fireworks to me. He did not sell me the normal ones that I could buy at any store. He actually sold me the kind of Red Devil fireworks that I should not have been playing with. I know it was wrong, but I was young and foolish back then. As most young people, I did not think of the consequences, I just cared about having fun and making the best fireworks display I could afford.

Fortunately, I never got caught and I finally outgrew it the moment John got caught. He had to go to court and I never knew what happened to him afterwards, since he stopped going to the university.

However, I did find out that I was not the only one that was buying from him. In fact, he was making some nice money by buying and reselling fireworks to us. He had a group of about 20 customers and he would get from $100 to $200 dollars from each of us. Then, he would drive to Nevada to buy the Red Devil fireworks. He only bought about 80% of what he could afford with our money and then he pocketed the rest. Since we lived near the state border, he would not spend much in gas and he even made a profit for himself.

Before he got caught, I never knew how he got the Red Devil fireworks. Although it seems obvious now, I really did not care back then. It seems that John made a minor infraction that led the police to discover that he was carrying Red Devil fireworks in his trunk.

Well, I learned my lesson. I still buy Red Devil fireworks for celebrations, but I only buy them at authorized stores now.

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