Wedding Firework Displays

As we all know, weddings are some of the most special occasions in the lives of people. They require a lot of preparation, and of course, a considerable budget. They can be really complex to the point that some people make a living as wedding planners, a fact that has been used and satirized in romantic films many times.

Among the new fads that have become popular in weddings, wedding firework displays are one of the most well-liked ones. They are used in several ways, and they can be adjusted to several budgets. Nevertheless, when used properly, wedding firework displays are more than worth the trouble, and really transform a great moment into a magical one.

For example, my brother and my sister in law used wedding firework displays at their wedding. It was absolutely amazing. None of us expected them and it really impressed and touched us.

Their party took place in a hotel in Acapulco. The ballroom had giant windows that opened to the bay, but they were covered with big curtains. I wondered why, since the view was magnificent.

The best man then announced that the groom and bride would dance their song, and as they walked to the center of the dance floor, the curtains opened and revealed the view, but when the music started playing and they started dancing, there were some wedding firework displays that really made us drop our jaws. The whole ensemble was just amazing and it even made some women cry.

Of course, they were able to pull it off because they married in Mexico, where laws are much less strict about wedding firework displays. Well, in fact, I do not even know if there are laws in Mexico that regulate wedding firework displays.

The situation is very different in the United States, where every state has laws that regulate firework displays of all kinds, not jus wedding firework displays.

In fact, if your states regulation has seasons for firework displays, then you would not be able to have your wedding firework displays at all. Unless you are willing to change the date of your wedding, which is next to impossible if you are already started preparations.

In addition, some states require a license. This license not only costs from 500 to 1,000 dollars, but it also takes time and visits to the local authorities. And as you can imagine, before a wedding, expenses are high and time is scarce.

Anyway, I take my hat off to those couples that manage to pull off some wedding firework displays on that special day. It really makes the occasion stick to the mind.

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