Wedding Fireworks

A lot of people have been using wedding fireworks lately. They are a very good idea to give that sparkle (both figuratively and literally) to that special day. However, setting up a nice display of wedding fireworks might be a tad more expensive and troublesome than what you think. Here are some tips on how to go about setting up a nice wedding fireworks display.

First of all, check the laws of your state or city. Some states will have seasons where you can use fireworks. So, it will also depend a lot on the date of your wedding. If it falls off-season, then you are out of luck, as you would not be able to have wedding fireworks.

Another thing you need to check is whether or not you need a permit. If you do, then you have to get it with plenty of time in anticipation, especially because it will add to the long list of things you have to do before the wedding.

You should take cost into account as well. Very small wedding fireworks will cost about 500 dollars, but setting up a nice fourth of July-like show will set you back up 10,000 or 20,000 dollars. There are many options in between, so you will have to select one that fits your budget, your needs AND your knowledge of fireworks. Very impressive wedding fireworks displays might require a specialist that knows what he is doing. The specialist and the permit from the government (if necessary) will increase the bill.

Of course, security has to be taken into account as well, even the most beautiful wedding fireworks will be remembered as terrible occasion if the brides dress catches on fire during the waltz. Always set a good distance between guests and the wedding fireworks.

Another thing to take in considerations is children. They will be present at almost any parties, and they love fireworks. You should make sure that they do not touch the remaining after the wedding fireworks are over, since they can still be very hot. A lot of people forget this detail, and it has resulted in some children getting burned and some guests holding a grudge with the recently formed couple. Of course, if they took better care of their children, then there would not have been any accidents.

However, as the hosts, you and your spouse need to plan the security of the displays. So you will have to set someone to clean up after the wedding fireworks are done. Besides, you do not want to ruin such a special moment, do you?

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