Air Rifle

For those who want something special for their hunting rifle, an air rifle may be what you are looking for. An air rifle is a rifle that makes use of pressurized air rather than flame based compulsion to fire projectiles. The benefit to this is that an air rifle can be fired in nearly any condition, as there is no gunpowder to ruin if it gets wet. For those who enjoy hunting, especially in moist climates, air rifles make an excellent choice of gun.

In addition to hunting use, you can purchase an air rifle that is designed for accuracy. While these guns are typically used in shooting competitions, there are regional clubs that specialize in the training and use of air rifles.

Before you purchase an air rifle, there are several things that you will want to remember. First, there are several different types of air rifles. These types are usually determined by the powering mechanism of the air rifle. The powering mechanisms include spring-piston, pneumatic and C02. All three can be found in air rifles and air pistols. Within each of these types, there are sub groupings of the mechanisms. However, for beginners, having a general idea of which of the three powering mechanisms you want will make the selection of your air rifle much easier.

One of the most common types of air rifles is the spring-piston. These guns can achieve muzzle velocities that border the speed of sound. This power is gained through a single stroke of the cocking lever or from the physical barrel. The strength required to cock a spring-piston air rifle is dependent on the strength of the gun. The most powerful guns take someone extremely strong to safely handle the weapon. These guns suffer commonly from spring vibrations, which can lower their accuracy.

The next style of air rifle is the gas spring rifle. These are high pressure guns that use gases to build pressure in a special chamber in the piston. When cocked, the gas is further pressurized. These guns require a great deal of precision to build. These guns are typically more accurate than spring-piston air rifles, as the fire time is quicker, so the gun has less time to fall out of accuracy.

The final style of air rifle is the pneumatic air rifle. These guns use pre-compressed air as the the source of propellant. There are several types of pneumatic air rifles available on the market, including single and multi stroke models.