Key West Sailboat

Key West is a main tourist destination in Florida, which unfortunately does not receive as much publicity as it should.

However, those of us that know Key West, know that one of its main attractions is the many Key West sailboat rental facilities that there are in the area, and which let you enjoy the experience of sailing if you can not afford your own sailboat, of you do not want to go through the trouble it takes of owning one. In addition, when you buy a sailboat, you only get to enjoy one type. However, you can rent a type of Key West sailboat one day and a different one the next. And you do not have to worry about papers, titles, registration, insurance, or repair expenses.

In addition, you might share the experience with other costumers, which will allow you to sail in even the biggest Key West sailboat at a reasonable price. For example, you might want to enjoy the sea aboard one of the big Schooners available. These impressive boats are big enough that have to be manned by its own crew, leaving you to enjoy the sea and the air. Most of these Key West sailboat cruises will serve drinks aboard. Even the ones that do not, will let you bring your own alcohol aboard. However, you should restrain from heavy drinking, as if you get too drunk, you might put you or your family in danger. And while the crew and the waiters have been trained in emergency procedures, you should not create a safety hazard aboard.

Another type of Key West sailboat that is a favorite of children is the glassbottom Key West sailboat. After leaving the shore, children (and adults as well, even those that would not admit it) are amazed by the sea life that you will find. There is a guide that will explain the many different types of fishes that you will encounter, as well as the composition of the reefs you will see. Some tours will let you bring your own drinks. As mentioned above, drinking in moderation is ok.

Of course, you might want to sail yourself, which is one of the reasons people prefer Key West sailboats over motor boats. There are some safety requirements you need to learn or prove in order to rent a Key West sailboat that you can sail of your own. However, even if you do not have the credentials, you can still rent a boat with a captain that will be more than happy to teach you and let you sail the boat under his supervision.

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