Rc Sailboat

When I was a child, my favorite Christmas present was a RC sailboat that I got when I was 8 years old. I guess that my parents did not want me or my brother fighting over it, because I remember that he got an RC sailboat as well, and identical to mine to boot. One of the first things we did to identify them was to cover them with stickers of our favorite cartoon characters. I covered mine with the Ghostbusters, which I was crazy about, while my brother preferred the Thundercats.

We used to live in Chicago, and we would go to the lake often to play with our sailboats. I guess my mother and my father were a bit sorry afterwards, as our visits to the lake increased exponentially after we got our presents. In any case, at the moment, it was like going to Disneyland for me and my brother (Years later, we did go to Disneyland, and while the lake did not seem like Disneyland anymore, it was still pretty cool).

I remember that for some reason I thought my RC sailboat was better than my brothers, and apparently, he though his RC sailboat was better than mine in turn, even if they were both the same model. The result was that we would set up RC sailboat races which we would do over and over again. Sometimes it was clear that my RC sailboat had won, while others it was clear that it was his that did. However, most of the time, the race was too close to call.

After a while, we invented another game. We would leave one RC sailboat in place, while the other had to make 10 turns around it. We would time how long it would take it to finish the 10 turns and then we would exchange places. This was a bit more exiting than the races for a while. But it soon grew old as it was not too thrilling for us.

Eventually, we met other children who also brought their boats, and of course, we would have our boats race against theirs. However, my brother and I developed a system so that at least, one of us would win. We would have one of us use his RC sailboat to hit the fastest competitors RC sailboat, so that the other one would have a better chance to win. Of course, we tried to make it subtle, so they would not notice. I was always nervous that they would catch us, but they never did. It did help a few times and when it did, my brother and I were very proud.

We finally outgrew our RC sailboats. However, it is nice to remember how much fun we had with them.

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