Rc Sailboats

I have always liked RC sailboats. They have been my hobby all my life. I still remember very clearly when I got my first one, many years ago. I must have been 6 or 7 years old. Ever since then I have always treasured them.

We had a pool back then, and I used to play with my new present all day long. I also liked when my mother took me to the lake in the park. There were other kids and they also had RC sailboats. I made many friends there, although I lost contact with them after we moved. It was very fun while it lasted. We would place our RC sailboats together and then race them from one point to the other in the lake. The only problem was that some kids RC boats were better and more powerful than the others, so they tended to win most of the time. At that point, we decided to create courses, with turns and obstacles so that the races were more interesting and the skill of the child had something to do with the outcome, rather than the mere power of the RC sailboats, which were designed by the manufacturer. It helped somewhat, but not much. However, at that time, we really did not care at all. After a while, you resigned yourself to the place that your boat had in the hierarchy of the RC sailboats of the neighborhood and you just tried to do your best. After a race was finished, we only had one thought in mind: start another one.

As I grew up, I made my mother spend quite a bit on my hobby. I must have gotten about 3 or 4 more RC sailboats until one day she decided to put a stop to it. If I wanted more RC sailboats, I would have to work to get them. At first, she gave me some bucks if I helped around the house more than I normally did, but that was not nearly enough. I started doing small jobs, like fetching errands and walking dogs in order to make enough to afford one. It was then that I realized how much my mother had to work to get me my first RC sailboats. Although I hated it at first, now I am glad I did it. It helped me build character and understand the value of money.

In the end, I settled for a used one. There was a hobby store near my house and they sold some used RC sailboats. It was not exactly what I wanted, but I realized that it would take me much more time to earn enough to buy a new one.

I am now an adult, and I try to make my children earn their money, although my wife always objects about it. However, I think it is important so that they learn too the work involved in making money and appreciate better the things they buy for themselves.

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