Sailboat Cruises

Sailboat cruises are one of the most relaxing, soothing and interesting activities you can take during your vacations. They are not expensive, especially if you compare them with the cost of buying your own sailboat.

In addition, most tourist places will offer you several types of sailboat cruises, so there are different ways you can enjoy the experience, depending on your budget and the number of people you have with you.

For example, I prefer sailboat cruises that involve dinner in a big ship when I take my wife with me. It sets a romantic mood that is hard to beat. They normally have candles and music. If you couple that with the sunset, the sound of the ocean and the stars in the sky, it really makes for a special occasion that neither you, nor your wife or your girlfriend will forget. There are other sailboat cruises during the day as well, but I do not consider them nearly as beautiful as the ones where you leave the dock in the late afternoon and come back at night.

If you have children with you, you might be interested more in the type of sailboat cruises that involve a glassbottom boat. This type of sailboat cruises will leave your children in awe, especially if they are not familiar with the sea or with marine life. Even adults get impressed when they are able to see marine life so close. There is usually a guide that will explain people the many different types of fish and underwater landscapes, so it is also a good educational experience for children. In this type of sailboat cruises sodas, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are usually served, which are sometimes included in the price, and sometimes they are not.

Another good option for families with children is taking a cruise that involves water activities. These sailboat cruises take you to a place in the middle of water where they have set up facilities for you and your family to play with. For example, they have a big trampoline in the middle of water, or an inflatable structure in the form of a mountain or a castle, where children climb, jump, and throw themselves into the water. There are always lifeguards, but nevertheless, it is better if you and your children know how to swim when you choose this type of sailboat cruises. Otherwise, make sure that every person that does not know how to swim wears a life vest or some other floating device.

Any of these sailboat cruises will make of a memorable experience. If possible, bring a camera that is resistant to water.

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